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HI Bus Pro - Oahu

1.25 usd

Aloha! Hi Bus - Oahu is Hawaii's bus arrival app which will show you when your next bus will arrive in real time.Hi Bus Pro is the ad free/donate version of Hi Bus which is the one time price of a child's bus fare.
Thanks to all those who support the development of this app!
Hi Bus takes advantage of HEA* (Honolulu Estimated Arrival) from OTS* (Oahu Transit Services) for TheBus Honolulu. This allows for real time bus location and accurate bus arrival time.
** I DO NOT work for TheBus. I am an individual college student who uses the bus for transportation and had an idea to make real time bus arrival information available at every riders fingertips.
** Please note that I have no control over the information that is displayed to you. I am only the guy who displays it. I CAN NOT help you if something is wrong with the information (Example: My bus never came, the estimated time was wrong, etc). I CAN help you if there is an issue with the application itself (Example: The app just crashed, the display isn't showing correctly, I got a force close message, etc).
INTERNET - For retrieving bus informationNETWORK STATE - For checking if you have an internet connectionFine Location - For finding your location when you want to use GPSCoarse Location - For when you just want to use the network to find your location

* OTS and HEA are registered trademarks of Oahu Transit Services, Inc. All rights reserved.